Using Your Website

Now that you have created a WordPress website, you are probably wondering what to do next?

What’s Next?

Once you have activated your account, you should login to using the login form at the top left of the home page. After you login, you’ll see a gray admin bar along the top of all web pages. The admin bar has quick links for getting to your account pages, blog dashboard, creating a new post, and more. Click on the My Dashboard link to get to the settings and editing pages for your new blog.

Using for a Website

You may want to setup a blog or you may want to use your blog as a website instead. If you would like to use for a website, you should create a static front page. See the Front Page help page for details. What you’ll want to do after that is create pages instead of posts. You should read the Post vs. Page help page so you know about the differences.

Step by step videos

Each topic below has a step by step video. Take a few minute and read over the pages and watch the videos. These will really help explain WordPress and all of its features. Remember the content delivery is the easy part. It is the content and keeping it fresh that is the hard part.

Support offer many tutorials, videos and help pages.  Just go to and search or browse for the term you need help with.  99% of the time the answer is there.

Your Dashboard

Post vs. Page

Add/Edit a Post

Categories vs. Tags

Post Categories

Add/Edit a Page

Page Visibility (password protect)

Add Widgets to you Sidebars

Blogroll (list of links)

Blogroll Link Categories

Adding a link to a Page or Post

Adding Images to a Page or Post

Manage Comments

Adding Users

User Profile

Change Username

Change Password

User Roles

Add a Contact Form